Gladesville Physiotherapy - Therapy

Other Therapies

For post surgery and some injuries, further methods are required to encourage repair and ensure optimal recovery.

Laser Therapy

This form of treatment uses a laser beam or LED  (light emitting diode) directly over the source of pain or injury. It works by stimulating the part of the cell called the mitochondria by increasing its activity and therefore the ability of the cell to repair itself. It is quite useful in treating acute injuries as there is no increase in blood flow and so no additional bleeding or swelling of the tissue will occur. It can also be applied to sub acute and chronic conditions.

EPA Modalities

Electrophysical agents includes the use of therapeutic ultrasound, interferential, heat and ice as part of a treatment where indicated. These are often used as a compliment to the manual treatment provided. Your physiotherapist will screen you for any contra indications and explain the purpose of each modality.